Many people believe that Sex Parties and Orgies haven’t been round for a long time but in fact the word Orgy comes from an Ancient Greek religion ‘Orgia’ (over two thousand years ago). Orgia was a secret religion where the mysteries were only reviled to the initiates. The initiates would only meet up at night where they would wear masks, dance, and carry our sexual activities.

Romans also engaged in orgies and sex parties. They would call them Bacchanalia (Fertility Festival) where people would meet up, dance, and have sex with as many partners as they could. The Bacchanalia was popular in the southern Italian peninsula and arrived in Rome around 200BC.

Bubastis was an Egyptian temple that lays in a town called Zagazig. It was for centuries the centre of the largest annual orgy of all the eastern Mediterranean, maybe the entire world. In the 5th century BCE, Herodotus reported that 700,000 people participated, drinking wine without limits and having sex with whoever and wherever.